Natural Causes of Global Warming

Saturday, 20 December 2008 ·

The world today is far comparable to the ancient times because both good and bad changes already exist. There have been technological advancements throughout the years and these changes have brought about both good and bad to our society. Such are the rewards of evolution; not only does the human race evolve technologically, the planet itself changes in the course of time. Although most of these changes occur as adaptation to the current environmental stature, other natural causes of global warming occur are no better than cancer. Little by little they make the world deteriorate and get weak defense against the sun's powerful heating effects.

Global warming has been one of our world's main problems for the past 20 years or more as it is slowly worsens due to changes that we cannot control. One such change is the greenhouse effect that is equally experienced throughout the world. The happening of this is mainly attributed on the most natural causes of global warming as it is due to the Earth's absorption of solar radiation and heat energy being emitted by the sun. This in turn will make temperature rise and get higher on the top surfaces of the earth. This is probably the most common cause and most known to the general populace but there are also other factors that occur that we generally are not aware of until they are reported in the news such as volcanic eruptions and changes on the planet itself as it's alignment with the sun and/orbit may also affect our climate.

These are factors that we cannot stop, change or control as they are happening all around us independently and naturally. Although we don't have the capacity to influence the natural causes of global warming, it does not mean that we will not feel responsible on the effects that it brought about to the environment and to the human race. We are still accountable for this because some human activities also contributed to the natural causes thus worsening our global warming condition even more. Now that we know that the world is facing these problems we should take our individual responsibility to develop and at the same time preserve mother earth by looking forward to global warming reduction.

Just like its cause, global warming is also natural meaning we cannot totally resolve or eradicate it and all that we can do is help on its reduction and management. When we talk about reduction of the natural causes of global warming, we should mainly focus our attention to our self especially on our discipline. We should avoid doing contributory factors to global warming instead help preserve the environment and try to restore it on its original and balanced condition.