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Children's view of global warming:

Global Warming Causes

Al Gore Global Warming Initiative



Global warming is the phenomenon in which there has been an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere and oceans in last few decades, and its predictable extension. The increase in the earth’s average temperature can further cause other alterations, including an increasing sea level and alterations in the quantity and model of precipitation. These alterations may raise the incidence and concentration of tremendous weather proceedings, such as floods, famines, heat waves, storms, and cyclones. Other costs can comprise of higher or lower farming yields, glacier withdrawals, lesser summer stream flows, genus extinctions and boosting in the ranges of sickness vectors.

Al Gore was one of the foremost U.S. politicians to heave an alarm about the hazards of global warming. He has produced a significantly acclaimed documentary movie called "An Inconvenient Truth," and written a book that archives his advice that Earth is dashing toward an immensely warmer future. Al Gore, the former vice president of United States has given various speeches to raise an awareness of global warming. He has warned people about the ill effects of Global warming and its remedies.

Al Gore has been studying climate of the globe for about thirty years. According to Al Gore, the climatic calamity is, indeed, tremendously hazardous. In fact it is a real earthly crisis. In more then hundred countries, two thousand scientists are working for more than twenty years in the most intricate and ordered scientific partnerships in the history of humanity to study the crisis. It is very important that proper heed is paid towards the global warming problem. Al Gore in his book and his documentary has warned that unless we get alert quickly to deal with the fundamental reasons of global warming, our world will experience a thread of awful calamities, including more and stronger hurricanes like the one Katrina, in both the Atlantic and the Pacific. Al Gore has insisted on the fact that it is due the global warming that the North Polar ice cap and all the mountain glaciers in world will finally melt down in a few decades from now.

Al Gore has illustrated the various reasons of global warming in his documentary and the book. The amount of carbon dioxide that is being dumped in the environment has literally changed the relationship between the earth and the sun. So much of that CO2 is being engrossed into the oceans that if we carry on at the present rate we will increase the saturation of calcium carbonate to levels that will stop formation of corals and impede with the making of shells by any sea creature.

Al Gore has insisted that it is a dire need that we take proper steps to cut down global warming. The growing of switch grass and saw grass should be encouraged. Switching to a greater extent on ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, butanol, and green diesel fuels can also reduce global warming pollution. On a universal basis, about more than two trillion tons of the 10 trillion tons of CO2 emitted each year comes from flaming the forests. So, improved organization of forests is one of the single most significant strategies for solving the climate disaster. Sources like wind energy, solar energy should be made in common use. Al Gore has warned the people that if proper steps are not taken today against global warming, it will get too late to do anything.


CO2 concentration causing global temperature increase


There is no doubt any more: In order to mitigate global warming, the emission of greenhouse gases must be reduced, the sooner the better. This will then lead to a stabilization of the greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere - and in the very long term hopefully to a decreasing concentration.

The level at which the greenhouse gas concentration gets stabilized does determine the warming effect, i.e. the temperature increase of the earth's surface and of the oceans.

The following graph shows the relation between the greenhouse gas concentration (expressed as CO2-equivalents) and the resulting average global temperature increase on the surface. The data are drawn from AR4 WGI, Chapter 10.8. [i.e. from the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, Working Group I]". The graph has been taken from Wikipedia.

Temperature increase based on CO2 level

The above graphs represents the state of knwledge according to IPCC as per November 2007. The black line in the middle of the range is the most likely relationship, the red line on top and the blue line on the bottom indicate the uncertainty (95% confidence interval). A temperature increase of more than about 2° C will with high likelyhood lead to dramatic effects on the environment. This is the reason why the European community suggests to limit the global warming to max. 2° C. This means according to the above graph limiting the greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere to about 450 ppm CO2 equivalents. The current value is about 380 ppm CO2.