Human Causes Global Warming

Saturday, 20 December 2008 ·

It is a known fact that humans have a big part in the extreme biodiversity loss and climate change being vastly experienced today. People must be more vigilant and understand that the measure of threat is not a matter of whether it is done for purpose or unintentionally, but how much danger and loss it may cause. It is an ancient habit of humans to put the blame to those that are perceived to be evil since these are sure to do harm. It is harder for humans to go after or in a simplistic term, to effectively educate and socialize to a vast number of fellow humans, who are not evil, but the behavior may in fact be much more destructive in the long run. So, to eliminate that wrong perception, mankind should focus on Human Causing Global Warming awareness.

According to newspapers in 2002, the United States government has admitted for the very first time that man-made pollution is primarily to be blamed for global warming. The booming of industries like motor, oil, and electricity and all other human activities, partake in the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Studies and researches further proved the strong link between global warming and the by-products of manufacturing. This is what causes global mean surface air temperatures and ocean temperatures to rise abnormally and in a very fast pace. The changes observed for over the last decades are pointed to Human Causing Global Warming major activities.

One of the major contributors of global warming is the carbon gases emission from automobiles. In U.S. alone, 33% of this gas comes from the burning of fuel in the internal combustion engine of vehicles. Just imagine the billions of cars running down the street and the gas emission they are producing every second. Another Human Causing Global Warming culprit is the carbon dioxide emitted by power plants. This stems from the burning of fossil fuel to generate electricity. Other carbon emissions caused by humans are rooted from airplanes, buildings, and agricultural fields.
Deforestation is the second major causes of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Burning and cutting of trees gradually kills acres of rainforests and tropical forests. This results to the throwing of millions of tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere each year. Apart from that, temperate forests are also fast diminishing. Looking all these threats, it is no wonder that Human Causing Global Warming is the one liable. Though it is already a fact, for now, what is important is to take action.

If not stopping the effects of global warming, mandating rehabilitation programs to aggressively provide solutions should be done. Today, among the first steps in aggressively fighting global warming is cutting energy use, mobilization of renewable resources, heat plants for cities, and strategies in agriculture. Public awareness programs are now being acted by the government and environmental groups. However, these are not enough to fully fight against global warming. Cooperation among all the citizens is needed for the utmost success of these programs.