Developing An Awareness Of The Causes Of Global Warming

Saturday, 20 December 2008 ·

How much time do we spend each day reflecting on the way our individual lives impact our environment? If the extent of your environmental awareness is sorting the recycled trash from the regular trash, you are not alone. In doing even this small thing, we become aware that what we do has an impact on the environment. Maybe it is time we took a few more minutes toward developing an awareness of global warming.

A glance at the cities of the earth provide a quick look into what is happening to the environment that could be a trigger of this global warming phenomenon we are now apparently experiencing. All of the cars packed on the roads are either using emission releasing energy sources or are themselves releasing pollutants. We all know about carbon monoxide, but there are many other pollutants that come out of our cars. How often have you looked over a city and seen thousands of cars packed together? Can you imagine how much carbon monoxide is released in just one second?

Another place we can look at the environment in relationship to global warming is to the forests of the world. This is an opposite extreme from the cities, but just as strikingly a place where environmental damage and global warming coincide. Our forests are quickly disappearing to both unscrupulous people and ordinary people trying to develop their land to live off of it. We need these trees to help us fight pollution. These trees can bring these pollutants into the soil and many can be broken down by microbes. In return the trees send us out rich oxygen so we can breathe deeply and freely. With less trees we have less reduction in pollutants. The pollutants we are putting out then simply multiply and condense.

Another rural location you can look to for environmental damage would be farms. Do you have any idea how many cattle there are in the world now or how much methane each cow produces? Yes, methane is a very harmful atmospheric pollutant that contributes to global warming and other environmental issues. Even crops produced with bad chemical fertilizers and pesticides can have far reaching environmental consequences.

All of these factors alone could probably be overcome by nature and put into nature's balance. But all of these factors together wipe out the balance of nature as we can see in global warming and pollutions over our skies and in our lungs. Each of these factors of global warming that we can take a part in reducing helps restore nature's ability to restore itself. The less we pollute the better chance nature has to overcome global warming before it is too late.

Mike H.